Our Heritage

Being founded by a group of independent insurance agents in November, 2000, INSBANK was determined to serve the unique borrowing needs of the insurance community.  Over the years, we have served many of your friends in the insurance community.  Although we DONíT sell insurance, we consider ourselves as much part of the insurance business as we do the banking industry.  We are members in many of the local Insurors and NAIFA associations statewide.

We Get It

INSBANK understands the valuation of insurance books of business is much more than the tangible line items on a financial statement.  The true value in your agency is the ability of you and your producersí to acquire, maintain, and grow relationships.

We Understand Your Language

We know the difference between direct and agency bill, commission and contingency income, and loss ratios and retention rates.  More importantly, we know how these items impact the success of your business.

Customized Loans for your situation

Your needs are different and so should the structure of your loan. 

  • Are you acquiring another agency that complements your existing agency?

  • Are you working on an agency perpetuation or succession plan?

  • Are you buying your book of business or buying into an agency?

With our experience, we can help guide you through the process. Please contact one of our experienced commercial relationship managers at (615) 515-2265 to find out more information.